©Petra Zöpnek

© Petra Zöpnek

Where Is Ida? Petra Zöpnek

Where Is Ida? Petra Zöpnek

Where Is Ida? Petra Zöpnek

German (Eng sub)
DCP b&w
Dolby 5.1
approx. 40 min

Petra Zöpnek

Key Cast
Susanne Berger Christian Pulker,
Bernhard Bastien
GIL CHÉRI (= Gilbert Handler, Petra Zöpnek)
Sound Design
Gilbert Handler

Completion 2021

Petra Zöpnek

© Photography: Petra Zöpnek

Ida Pfeiffer (1797–1858) was a globetrotter, an adventuress, a travel writer, and a collector of natural produce. She journeyed 240,000 kilometers by sea and 32,000 kilometers across 4 continents. The 13 books she wrote about her travels were translated into 7 languages. Who today has ever heard of this Biedermeier lady from Vienna’s seventh district? Back in the day she was a famous celebrity and a role model for many women. This film reveals her path.

Petra Zöpnek * 1969 Vienna Austria

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