innovative film austria 2020

This web app offers an extensive overview of the film funding activities of the Austrian
Federal Ministry Austria for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport in 2020 – including detailed
information about films, award winners, scholarships and festivals. 

Since 2005, the Ministry’s Film Department has presented the film projects, artists and film-makers it
supports in annual catalogs which can be found here.

The Film Department is in charge of
– providing financial assistance for innovative film projects, including feature,
documentary, animated and experimental film-making (for project development,
production and distribution);
– targeted funding for young film-makers and individual film-makers via scholarships,
special programmes and prizes;
– sponsorship for film culture and related institutions such as film festivals, repertory
cinemas and film archives;
– the representation of Austria in international bodies for the promotion of film (e.g.,
Creative Europe / EU and Eurimages / European Council);
– cooperation in the form of film-making agreements;
– audiovisual affairs in the context of WTO and GATS, as well as
– the maintenance of Austria’s film heritage.


Our archive is not yet digitally available as an app. 

PDFs of past publications however can be downloaded on the website of the Federal Ministry. 


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Published by Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, Division Arts and Culture, 2021, Vienna, Austria

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