©Mo Harawe

© Mo Harawe

Life on the Horn Mo Harawe

Life on the Horn Mo Harawe

Life on the Horn Mo Harawe

Mo Harawe

© Photography: Mo Harawe

It has been over the course of several decades that Europeans, above all the former colonial power Italy – have been dumping illegal toxic garbage in the ocean at the Horn of Africa, allegedly in exchange for arms shipments to local warring parties. Since the 2004 earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated the region, the Somali coastal area is contaminated. The film tells this story elliptically, near wordlessly, finding precise and highly sensitive images to register this chronic violence – in gazes, gestures, landscapes.

Mo Harawe * 1992 Mogadishu Somalia

Films (selection)
1947 (2020 short f)
Die Geschichte vom Eisbär, der nach Afrika wollte (2018 short f)
Ein letztes Mal (2016 short f)



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