©Juri Rechinsky / Horse & Fruit Productions

© Juri Rechinsky / Horse & Fruit Productions

Before I Die Juri Rechinsky

Before I Die Juri Rechinsky

Before I Die Juri Rechinsky

Ukrainian (Eng sub)
2K Digital
Dolby Stereo
approx. 90 min

Juri Rechinsky
Angelika Spangel
Juri Rechinsky

Florian Brüning
Thomas Herberth

Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion

Completion 2021

Horse & Fruits Filmproduktion

© Photography: Juri Rechinsky / Horse & Fruit Productions

On fathers and sons: a road movie about 40-year-old Grisha, who takes his 80-year-old father, Ivan, who ­never was abroad, on a car trip from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, through Central Europe, in search for the grave of Ivan’s father. Grisha recently found out that his grandfather, counted as missing in combat since Ivan was one year old, died in a Nazi labour camp in territory of today’s France in 1944, together with 22,000 other Ukrainian prisoners of war. Before I Die deals with the difficulties of overcoming the fear of your parents dying and how to make peace with them.

Juri Rechinsky * 1986 Turkmenistan

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