©Petra Zöpnek

© Petra Zöpnek

Where Is Lotte? Petra Zöpnek

Where Is Lotte? Petra Zöpnek

Where Is Lotte? Petra Zöpnek

No dialog
DCP b&w
Dolby 5.1
9 min

Petra Zöpnek

Key Cast
Underwater models, Old Danube and Red Sea
GIL CHÉRI (= Gilbert Handler, Petra Zöpnek)
Sound Design
Gilbert Handler

September 2020
Varna, Bulgaria In the Palace - International Short Film Festiva

Petra Zöpnek

© Photography: Petra Zöpnek

Homage to Lotte Hass (1928–2015), the “first lady of diving.” This experimental film is a memorial leap. Underwater models stand in for Lotte, or rather: They jump in for her. They jump into the Old Danube and go searching, in a state of floating, before they rise again, transformated, in the Red Sea. Their body parts and limbs flicker, become blurred. The movements of all the divers, of water, air and mysterious plants turn into a collective action.

Petra Zöpnek * 1969 Vienna Austria

Films (selection)
Mädchen in Rot und Gold (2006 a-g)



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