©Joerg Burger/Susanne Brandstätter Filmproduktion

© Joerg Burger/Susanne Brandstätter Filmproduktion

This Land Is My Land Susanne Brandstätter

This Land Is My Land Susanne Brandstätter

This Land Is My Land Susanne Brandstätter

English (Ger/Eng sub)
Dolby 5.1
105 min

Susanne Brandstätter
Joerg Burger
Susanne Brandstätter
Michaela Müllner

Sound Design
Wolf-Maximilian Liebich


Susanne Brandstätter

September 2020
BelDocs Belgrade
International Documentary
Film Festival

Susanne Brandstätter Filmproduktion

© Photography: Joerg Burger/Susanne Brandstätter Filmproduktion

“What the hell happened to my country?” After Donald Trump’s election, this is a burning question to the American filmmaker who’s lived most her life in Austria. With the critical distance of a European and an insider’s eye, she gets close to some Trump voters in Ohio: a microcosm of a deeply divided USA. Following the golden rule “don’t argue, listen …,” the documentary explores polarization and why people stick to their political opinions – no matter what. So the film is a plea for an objective, yet courageous debate.

Susanne Brandstätter * Los Angeles USA

Films (selection)
The Future’s Past – Creating Cambodia (2012 d)
Rule of Law (2006 d)
Checkmate – Strategy of a Revolution (2004 d)



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