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© Soleil Film

Swimming Pool Filip Antoni Malinowski

Swimming Pool Filip Antoni Malinowski

Swimming Pool Filip Antoni Malinowski

Polish/German (Eng sub)
4K 1:1.85
Dolby SR
approx. 95 min

Filip Antoni Malinowski
Key Cast
Jasmina Polak
Mateusz Król
Konrad Stein
Frank Brummundt

Jürgen Karasek
Filip Antoni Malinowski
Marcin Wierzchosławski
Gregor Streiber
Friedemann Hottenbacher

Soleil Film (AT)
Metro Films (PL)
Inselfilm (DE)

Completion 2022

Soleil Film

© Photography: Soleil Film

After the sudden separation from her boyfriend Marek, conscientious Polish lifeguard Julia (30) finds refuge and meaning in life in a patriotic militia. She quickly becomes a leader in the male-dominated association, but at the same time has to realise that the gap between the actions of the troop and her moral values is constantly growing …

Filip Antoni Malinowski * 1982 Poznań Poland

Films (selection)
Guardians of the Earth (2017 d)
Resettlement (2012 d)



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