©Christoph Schwarz

© Christoph Schwarz

Sparschwein Christoph Schwarz

Sparschwein Christoph Schwarz

Sparschwein Christoph Schwarz

German/English (Eng sub)
2K+4K 1:1.85
Dolby Digital
approx. 70 min

Christoph Schwarz
Georg Geutebrück
Christian Schwab
Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel
Christian Schwab

Christoph Schwarz

ARGE Schwarz

Completion 2022

Christoph Schwarz

© Photography: Christoph Schwarz

The filmmaker Christoph Schwarz is broke. Might he artistically exploit this emergency situation and shoot a documentary chronicling how he goes on a money strike for a year? But what should he do about the director’s fee to which he is entitled? Should he throw it into a campfire and let it burn in a bold anti-capitalistic gesture or should he buy a vacation house in Austria’s Wald­viertel after all? Piggy Bank is a self-ironic meta-documentary about the economic potential of a money strike.

Christoph Schwarz * 1981 Vienna Austria

Films (selection)
Die beste Stadt ist keine Stadt (2019 short d)
CSL (2018 short d, f)
LDAE (2017 short d, f)



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Published by Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, Division Arts and Culture, 2021, Vienna, Austria

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