©Maximilian Fürst

© Maximilian Fürst

Reisen Maximilian Fürst

Reisen Maximilian Fürst

Reisen Maximilian Fürst

German (Eng sub)
2K 1:1.85
Dolby Stereo
approx. 30 min

Maximilian Fürst
Key Cast
Sandra Lipp Werner Brix,
Claudia Martini
Sophia Wiegele
Philipp Mayer

Claudia Joldes

Completion 2021

Maximilian Fürst

© Photography: Maximilian Fürst

Travels depicts a day in the life of four people whose paths have or will cross. In fragments, we observe the protagonists, as they attempt to give their lives new direction. The four short episodes show how we all experiment in our own ways with relationships, livelihoods, our emotions as well as those of others, actions and reactions and how these decisions create and influence our behavior and social fabric.

Maximilian Fürst * 1988 Lustenau Austria

Films (selection)
Entschuldigung (2017 short f)
Drama (2016 short f)
Lebenslauf (2014 short f)



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Published by Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, Division Arts and Culture, 2021, Vienna, Austria

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