©Susanna Flock

© Susanna Flock

Mukbang Susanna Flock

Mukbang Susanna Flock

Mukbang Susanna Flock

Susanna Flock

© Photography: Susanna Flock

Boiled eggs, omelette, sunny-side up eggs, poached eggs, egg-in-a-glass, scrambled eggs, custard royale, beaten egg-whites: While protagonists in an eating show (aka Mukbang) consume dishes made solely of eggs, the film touches on the ambivalence of the world – a world increasingly intercon-nected via new technologies and pressed ever closer together, yet characterized by a growing loneliness.

Susanna Flock * 1988 Graz Austria

Films (selection)
I don’t exist yet (2020 a-g)
Fetish Finger (2016 a-g)



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