©Alireza Ghanie

© Alireza Ghanie

Mirrors Alireza Ghanie

Mirrors Alireza Ghanie

Mirrors Alireza Ghanie

Farsi/multiple languages (Ger/Eng sub)
HD 16:9
Dolby Digital
approx. 85 min

Alireza Ghanie
Kave Shahlou
Alireza Ghanie
Alireza Ghanie

Alireza Ghanie

Completion 2021

Alireza Ghanie

© Photography: Alireza Ghanie

How does the theater of life go on when a renowned actor and theater director in an Islamic country resolves to acknowledge her transsexuality, regardless of any social implications, and decides to undergo sex change surgery to become a man? The film accompanies the protagonist’s extraordinary life circumstances, his selfconfident fight against discrimination as well as his positive creative spirit and power to make a new life for himself according to his own design

Alireza Ghanie * 1959 Tehran Iran

Films (selection)
Networking (2014 short d)
Lessons From Bam (2005 short d)
Windspiel (2002 f)



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