©Aleksey Lapin/Horse & Fruits Filmprodukti

© Aleksey Lapin/Horse & Fruits Filmprodukti

Krai Aleksey Lapin

Krai Aleksey Lapin

Krai Aleksey Lapin

(Ger/Eng Sub)
DCP 2K 1:1.37 b&w
Dolby Digital
approx. 120 min

Aleksey Lapin
Adrian Campean

Florian Brüning
Thomas Herberth

Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion

Completion 2021

Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion

© Photography: Aleksey Lapin/Horse & Fruits Filmprodukti

A filmmaker is shooting a fictional film with his team in the village of his forefathers near the Russian-Ukrainian border. He attempts to make a movie that is “fresh and clean-cut in terms of methods and aesthetic tricks,” however he encounters hurdles in the real world, influencing the lives of the village people, and the truth becomes mingled with lies. As a consequence, the author has to disappear from the artwork. A new fiction begins, where causality and predictability are exclusive cases. Legends are legitimized and fictional film becomes documentary. The village has transformed itself into a stage.

Aleksey Lapin * 1988 Tomsk Russia

Films (selection)
100 Euro (2018 short f)
Geschichte 2000 (co-director 2017 short f)
Rhythmus 59 (co-director 2016 short f)



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