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innovative film

Hannes Böck

Born 1974 in Vienna. 1994–1996 apprenticeship in photography, Vienna; 1997–2003 studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, master class in Conceptual Art under Renée Green; studies at Berlin University of the Arts, Heinz Emigholz Experimental Filmmaking Class; 2005 graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, master class under Marina Grzinic; 2011–2014 senior artist at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, in film and video.

Main fields of research include technologies of film and video production in art and experimental film, historical visual languages in narrative and experimental cinema, visual language in scientific image production. Discourses on film aes-thetics, visual studies and historical criticism provide central points of reference in Böck’s films and photo series.

Films (Selection)
2019Sammlung Bau- und Schmuckstein Altes Rom (16 mm, silent, 15 min)
20135 Skulpturen (16 mm, silent, 9 min)
2012Las Encantadas (16 mm, 10 min)
2011Niches cut Into Bedrock (16 mm, 10 min)
2008New Hefei (16 mm, 10 min)
Prices and Scholarships (Selection)
2019Outstanding Artist Award – Innovative Film
Federal Chancellery of Austria
2013Studio Scholarship Mexico City
Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, Austria
2012Studio Scholarship Nanjing, China
Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, Austria
2011Work Scholarship, Federal Chancellery of Austria

The jury distinguishes Hannes Böck for outstanding achievement as cinematographer, film and image processor in the field of innovative film. Over the course of many years, his precise visual composition and editing work has contributed to the success of innumerable Austrian productions created by a wide array of artists including Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Con-stanze Ruhm, Dorit Margreiter and Florian Pumhösl. It is impossible to imagine the field of innovative film without Hannes Böck, and likewise, his sensitive way of understanding the most various of artistic pro-cesses. His consistently static images appear electri-fied. It is as if he breathes life into the surfaces, ar-chitecture and landscapes he films, capturing images that exhale an extraordinary calm and clarity that we encounter onscreen. Similarly, his montage work captivates by virtue of a slowness that instinctively finds the right rhythm, abstract images often seem-ing to communicate with one another as if engaged in a natural dialog.


English translation by Eve Heller

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